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A Lawyer That Knows The System,
And Never Backs Down From A Fight.
Let Me Seek Justice For You.

Criminal Defense Attorney

the federal system can be complicated. let me simplify it for you

With over 30 years of federal court experience, both as a federal prosecutor and as a legal research attorney working for federal judges behind the scenes, Tom Moore knows the federal system inside and out. The many years spent evaluating federal criminal investigations and writing federal indictments have trained Tom Moore to identify possible mistakes, defects, and problems in federal criminal cases. Put his experience to work for you.

Formal Education
  • Stanford University
  • University of Texas School of Law
Work Experience

United States Attorney’s Office, San Antonio Division

  • White Collar/Public Corruption Section
  • Major Crimes Section
  • Asset Forfeiture Section
  • Briefing Attorney for Federal Judges
Practice Areas

What Service We Provide

White Collar Crime

White-collar crimes are non-violent offenses that are committed for financial gain

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Texas can carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences

Bank Fraud

The penalties for bank fraud in Texas can range from significant fines to long-term imprisonment

Procurment Fraud

Procurement fraud, a complex and high-stakes area of the law, can carry severe penalties

Aggravated Identity Theft

Crimes in which the identity of another person is used to commit fraud or to commit other crimes

Human Smuggling

Human smuggling charges are serious, carrying the potential for severe penalties

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